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Quotes from Noah Kagan

A growing collection of quotes from Noah Kagan


The distance between where you are and where you wish to be decreases dramatically when you take the first action. Think NOW, not HOW.

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Discomfort is temporary. Regret is forever.

What are you doing this weekend?

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If you want a raise, ASK for it.

If you want a new job, ASK for it.

If you want a customer, ASK for it.

Success is a game of asking.

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Start now, optimize later.

You’ll learn 10x more from starting than from consuming any information you find online.

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Sometimes you have to put the books, courses, and podcasts aside and do what you know you should do.

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Some people get addicted to ‘tutorial hell’.

They spend all day watching videos of OTHER people doing things and expect to get better.

But that’s not how learning works.

You don’t learn, then start. You start, then learn.

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