Revisit notes with daily emails.

Revisiting triggers new understanding, changes how you think and how you do things.

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How it works

1. Note: Take notes when you have a good idea

Write it down when you have a good idea (from books, podcasts, X, conversations, walking, journaling, meditation etc).

2. Revisit: emails you daily checks your notes every morning, selects some based on the rules you set, and emails them to you happily.

So your notes stay and grow in your mind.

3. Act: Apply what you learned

After several revisits, you'll turn some ideas into actions. This is the most beautiful part.


Remind Anything


Promises to yourself: "Never eat Döner again";

Lessons you learned: "Be relaxed at every moment";

Ex-colleagues' names;

Recurring event: "feed my cat dry food every 2 weeks";

Death reminder: "I has lived 33 years 12 months 3 days, 37.74%, 56 years 26 days left";

Things you bought, but don't use much;

Flexible Reminders

Adjust how random: every 1-7 days, or every 3-19 days, etc.;

Remind on percentage change: Only remind me the year progress, if it passes 1%, or 5%;

Dynamic reminders: Remind me my mother's birthday monthly, but when it comes close, remind me weekly, then daily;

Daily, weekly, monthly reminders: Every week on Monday and Saturday, every month on 4th and 17th, or every 28 days;

Group notes with Albums

Group similar notes. Notes from 1 book, quotes from 1 person, sentences you need to revisit when self doubt, restaurants you like, etc.

Export all notes into PDF

Take your notes with you, export everything into a PDF.

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As someone who takes a lot of different ideas from a lot of different places, was the perfect solution for me to have everything I want to remind myself of on a daily basis, in the one place. Having a random assortment of my favourite notes, quotes & highlights sent to me everyday via email is amazing.

Alec — Success Coach