Our mind is constantly trying to forget as much as possible.

Elon at Milken Institute (16:29)

Refresh your mind by revisiting ideas you love.

Collect ideas that you love;

Every morning, remiind.cc picks several, and emails them to you;

You get new understanding for every revisit;

Then you will change how you think, and do things differently.

Refresh your mind, now.

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As someone who takes a lot of different ideas from a lot of different places, remiind.cc was the perfect solution for me to have everything I want to remind myself of on a daily basis, in the one place. Having a random assortment of my favourite notes, quotes & highlights sent to me everyday via email is amazing.

Alec β€” Success Coach

Trigger Action

Go to Gym
24th revisit; weekly on Monday, Saturday; next email: 2024-06-01

"OK, I'm going to the Gym today!"

Trigger Memory

Trip to Venice

6 years 9 months 17 days past.

6th revisit; dynamically; next email: 2024-07-06

"That was a lovely trip!"

Trigger Connection

1st revisit; every 31~90 days; next email: 2024-08-24

"I will send Ruben a message."

Trigger Urgency

This year progress

40% past, 7 months 4 days left.

22nd revisit; 1%; next email: 2024-05-31

"I need to speed up!"

Trigger Insight

I can think, I can wait, I can fast.
31st revisit; every 1~7 days; next email: 2024-06-01

"Am I too eager for quick success?"

Trigger Laughter

Just bought this bag, love it!

2 months 11 days past.

1st revisit; every 61~90 days; next email: 2024-09-12

"Hahahah, did I buy this bag?"

Trigger Thinking

What am i looking forward this week?
45st revisit; weekly on Monday; next email: 2024-06-03

"Hmm, need to think about this"

Trigger Excitement

Furiosa: Mad Max

1 day left!

3rd revisit; dynamically; next email: 2024-05-23

"Looking forward to this movie!"

Trigger Reflection

No Alcohol

2 months past.

10th revisit; every 1~8 days; next email: 2024-05-29

"Yup, I promised myself not to drink anymore, I will keep it this way."

Trigger Energy

Nobody thinks I can make it
34th revisit; every 1~3 days; next email: 2024-05-30

"Then I will try everything and make it!!"

How it works

1. Note: Take notes when you find a good idea

1. Note: Take notes when you find a good idea

Write it down when you find a good idea (From books, podcasts, X, conversations, walking, journaling, meditation etc).

2. Revisit: remiind.cc emails you randomly

2. Revisit: remiind.cc emails you randomly

remiind.cc checks your ideas daily, selects some randomly, and emails them to you happily.

So ideas stay and grow in your mind.

3. Act: Apply what you learned

3. Act: Apply what you learned

After several revisits, you'll turn some ideas into actions. This is the most beautiful part.



Remind Anything


Promises to yourself: "Never eat DΓΆner again";

Lessons you learned: "Be relaxed at every moment";

Ex-colleagues' names;

Recurring event: "feed my cat dry food every 2 weeks";

Death reminder: "I has lived 33 years 12 months 3 days, 37.74%, 56 years 26 days left";

Things you bought, but don't use much;


Flexible Reminders

Adjust how random: every 1-7 days, or every 3-19 days, etc.;

Remind on percentage change: Only remind me the year progress, if it passes 1%, or 5%;

Dynamic reminders: Remind me my mother's birthday monthly, but when it comes close, remind me weekly, then daily;

Daily, weekly, monthly reminders: Every week on Monday and Saturday, every month on 4th and 17th, or every 28 days;


Group Ideas with Albums

Group similar ideas. Notes from 1 book, quotes from 1 person, sentences you need to revisit when self doubt, restaurants you like, etc.


Export all Ideas into PDF

Take your ideas with you, export everything into a PDF.

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