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Jason Fried on Decisions

"A company is essentially two things: a group of people and a collection of decisions. How those people make these decisions is the art of running a business.

Here are some of the things we think about at 37signals when faced with a decision. Some of these we say out loud, some we think quietly. Consider this a collection of tools in a tool chest — you only grab for the ones you need when you need them. Most stay in the box most of the time."


Why are we deciding anything at all? Does a decision actually need to be made here?

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Is the right person making this decision? Not the right role, but the right person with the right information, context, and insight? Who’s merely chiming in?

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If we remove the immediate impact, how do we think we’ll feel about this decision a year from now?

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Why hasn’t this decision been made already? Why didn’t we decide before?

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What’s taking so long to make this decision? Why are we hesitating? What does that reveal?

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Why would someone else make a different decision? What’s the other side — or two or three — look like?

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Can we make this decision smaller? Can we take one big decision and turn it into three smaller ones?

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How easily can we reverse the decision?

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What was our first instinct on this decision? Are we now just walking around in circles trying to justify that gut reaction with data?

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What would happen if we just didn’t make the decision?

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What happened the last time we made a decision like this?

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What are we looking forward to after the decision is made? What are we afraid of?

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How can we make this decision easier? What parts can we eliminate from consideration?

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Is there even a wrong decision?

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Do we anticipate making a different decision if we wait until tomorrow morning to make it?

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Is any decision better than no decision, or is no decision better than any decision?

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What other decisions will be impacted by this decision?

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Will this decision eliminate the need to make other decisions, or will it create the necessity to make even more decisions?

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What missing information would lead to making a different decision?

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Will this decision make more work for people that don’t have extra time for that work? Or will it eliminate work?

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Could this decision be a good one for someone else to practice making?

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When do we have to decide?

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Will this be a one-and-done decision, or will this be a repeating decision?

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Is anyone outside the company depending on this, or is this a decision of our own making?

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How does this decision impact customers vs. impact us?

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Is this primarily a data-based decision, or an intuition, gut-based decision?

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Would another opinion help or hinder?

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If we were forced to make a decision right this second, what would it be?

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Where do we think we’d be today if we made this decision 90 days ago?

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Is there anything in this decision we’d regret if we didn’t take X, Y, or Z into consideration?

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Do you even care which way this goes? If not, why are you involved?

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When and how will we know whether the decision was the right one, or if it even mattered?

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When the consequences of our decision appear, are they likely to be visible with the naked eye or do they require a microscope to detect? If the latter, does it even matter?

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What principles are we bending if we make this decision?

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Are we asking multiple people to make a decision that one person should be making?

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Is the return on effort worth it?

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What gets easier if we make this decision? What gets harder? Will easier remain easier in the long term, or is it short-term easy but long-term hard? And vice versa.

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In the end, is this about money?

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